Point adventure in nature



    To arrange dates and details of your booking, please send an E-mail to: kabinet@poenta.org,
    and then expect / OFFER-CERTIFICATE dates (possible calls from +387 65 708724).

    When activating the reservation, we plan and combine the consistency of the condition of the resource,
    seasonal forms and offers of accommodation facilities, gastronomic possibilities and service guarantees.
    It's not essential that you are in good physical shape in order to use our standard packages,
    You should just wear proper clothes according to weather, and we have spare equipment.
    Pa... guarantees the discretion of your data, agreed privacy and security in the field,
    as well as the norms of polite behavior even in case you quit the implementation of the package.
    Please be informed about our current features and options.
I hope for mutual respect for our strangeness and understanding,

    Pa ... Welcome.
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      Information, choices and notes :
  • Possible information related to various combinations of Pa ... packages or services,
    personality, vegetarian, swimmer, athlete and other possible activities and interests,
    such as the defining menus, drinks, activities, type of accommodation, backup and / or evacuation plans, etc.

    we suggest additional updating your BOOKING APLICATION.


    The prices of the offered tourist packages are without any additional payment
    and are formed on the basis of experiences and total planned costs for food,
    beverage, activity, accommodation and depreciation of resources.
    The current prices are highlighted for the offered service packages in our media formats.
    For the prices of combined services outside of the planned packages, please contact us
    in advance we communicate via E-mail, and possibly we can also use the phone, facebook page or even meet.
    The conditions are 100% AVANS Bank (foreign or domestic) payment in advance or in cash at the start of the service!
    In the non-cash payment option, expect the detailed instruction in the first following E-mail.
    For larger groups of users or more days and options, the advance payment is confirmed when booking
    50% upon reservation, and 50% on the day of realization, from the determined total price of the agreed activities.
  • Welcome, Thank you for your trust!