Point adventure in nature


Poenta adventure has established Eco Adventure Camp Oglavak as physically isolated and eco-tourism program.
Eco Camp Oglavak (ECO) is a small and friendly camp inside a big ECO AREA (2.5H/100H) of defined rural standards and tourist packages, as well as daily excursions with Menu KANTINA/20 Max. A little bit mystic isolated place on the tops of the hills in quiet Bosnia, among 3 mountains and borders of towns in Krajina, the South of Prijedor, above clear lakes, without neighbors, apart from all regional roads. Beside marked locations ECO RECEPTION-AREA, the whole region is free from modern tourism ambience. Poenta Adventure (Pa… Local NGO) has started the camp foundation with ECO LILAnje in 2003 and the organization of international thematic camps and gastronomic enterprises from 2004 to nowadays. Pa….we suggest that you should gain insight into yourself and others, what are our real possibilities of real freedom in real nature? Who, how towards the goals? When? How much? What’s the point of the adventure? Why is Pa…ECO special?