Point adventure in nature

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    Poenta is a local non-governmental organization established 2002 with the headquater in the city of Banjaluka. Along with the partnership of many non-governmental organizations and cooperation with the both local and international organizations, institutes and institutions of public sector RS and BIH we accomplished numerous significant programs. Whether it was according to given standards of UN agencies or international volunteering networks also all other partners demands we successfully organized international summer camps in nature since 2004 as well many seminars in civilization. Our total business activity got the highest rating from the local government and ministries of RS also the independent international audit agencies. (info, Global fund/Geneve, UNDP BIH)

    According to constantly turbulent behavior of our both local and global users and clients, we reorganized our capacity in 2016 in order to bring our service to the highest level of reliability. Beside the existing activities in promoting healthy lifestyles, projects in mental decontamination, less screen more nature, etc…, we have a plan to improve development of receptive tourism in the region.


    Improving the percentage of mobility and involvement of local resources in sectors of tourism, affirmation of enthusiasm as well as personal capabilities and skills of the individual in both humanitarian and commercial ways.
    Pa… Vision is a sincere smile of our satisfied customer when leaving our region &…

  • Poenta adventure
    Poenta adventure (Pa…) itself is a system that cooperates with natural resources of the region by active partnerships
    with non-governmental, sport, commercial or any other legal entity or natural persons, therefore organizes realization of the mission:

    Promoting tourism in Krajina
    Pa…activities are focused on hills, forests, rivers, lakes, roads, clubs… citises and towns in RS:
    Banjaluka, Prijedor, Ostra Luka, Kozarska Dubica, Novi Grad, Kostajnica, Gradiska, Laktasi, Celinac, Kotor Varos,
    Knezevo, Mrkonjic Grad, Sipovo, Ribnik, Jezero, possibly Jajce and Drvar, Bihac in FBiH.

    Reginal Ecology and Gastronomy
    Cooperation with government estates, ecological police and all other authoritative territorial departments. Cooperation with many
    people who are organizing ecological production as well as the control and distribution food and beverage.
    Supporting of the organization of different subject camps or staying in the nature with ecological reason and normative

    Rural endurance and development of the infrastructure
    Promotion ot the organic production and strengthening of both administrative and operational capacity of a small businessman.
    Promotion of traditional rural households with standardized apartment accommodation and meals.
    Support in the organization of the competent services and agencies in specific activities, emergencies, etc.


    Poenta administration (Pa…) description of the basic operating daily activities:
    – Public promoting and lobbing, audio-video production and printed publications…
    – Touristic-agency and operating jobs with clients, cooperators and partners.
    – Organization of transportation, supply and stocking materials, accountancy and archive.

    The interpretation of the acronym Pa… is the operative strictly directed touristic agency with office, club, equipment,
    several field vehicles, cooperators and partners who do business in order to be on the highest level in development of standards
    in modern receptive tourism in Krajina BL.

    “Pa…NGO plan 19+”

    1. Connecting the potential of the region and development of standards in existing capacity of partners resources
    2. New field equipment and other commercial goals (Tourist tours, Off road TaXI…)
    3. Long-term goals in infrastructure in partners or percentage of ownership:
      a) Energetic efficient house independent with the help of wind and panel+
      b) Universal sport field, swimming pool, sauna, showers and mounting cottages+
      c) Registered animal herds with infrastructure and equipment


    President of Poenta Assembly: Dragan ANDJELIC
    President of the UN board Poenta: Severin RAKIC
    Executive manager Poenta : Zeljko MARJANAC
    Administrator/operator in charge
    & BIRO Vibis/Silvana PLEJIC (term of office 2019/20 )

    Zeljo Marjanac

    CV 2019 : Zeljko MARJANAC
    Born, Banja Luka 31.05.1968. a father, grandfather, uncle…
    Healthy childhood, excellent pioneer and scout, school boy with the highest results and a very serious judo champion,
    nevertheless an interesting teenager. As a very young boy he elegantly  managed to go through puberty, perspective R&R
    guitar player entertaining crowds from garages to huge halls of the ex YU with several important bands, singers and managers
    until he was sent to serve the country in the army in 1987. Significant part of his growing up spent at his grandmother in Wien
    were he came across the exotic confronting war in Balkans in the very beginning of the 90*s. He spent several interesting years
    abroad, playing in the streets, clubs, but also practicing skills as a cook, a waiter and a graphic designer. In 1996 after all these
    migrations he managed to materialize his interest in graphic design in graphic studio MARJANAC in Banja Luka. Even though
    the small company had a successful business and had created several original brands, it stopped working in the end of the century.
    After this he spent several years in a very profitable business of hospitality and catering in many forms and later he took a break of
    one hole year living in the real nature.

    As a humanitarian he creates from 2002. in Poenta organization wich was dealing with problems of addiction and all negative
    behavior in Krajina BL. Despite being constantly concerned to being neutral in politics and economics he managed because of his
    enthusiasm to organize more dozens of volunteers, afterwards professionals who were seriously devoted in a very navigation of human
    destinies of few hundred people… creating several serious projects. For 10 years he lead pioneer projects in social/health areas which
    were very significant in local, entity and state interest. With own family donations to the free kitchen and clubs in Banjaluka for
    marginalized groups of people as well for the youth of risky sexual behavior. In the middle of the 2015. he reorganized Poenta, Pa…
    through all the adventures to this very date he focuses his life experience in development of receptive tourism in Krajina BL.
    Formal mandates:
    2003-2016 Executive officer of Poenta (recommendation of partners)
    2011-2015 Member of CCM BIH (UNDP/Global fund)
    2006-2010 Member of the committee for the youth health in RS (Ministry RS/CIDA)
    2005-2009 Member of commission for the fight against drug addiction, City of Banjaluka
    Formal education:
    1989 Catering manager (Opatija)
    1986 Machine mechanics (Banjaluka)
    Non-formal education:
    Dozens combined licensed certificates, through NGO trainings, seminars, traveling, etc… but
    Nevertheless unusually proud of donations in correction of public bridges and roads which are ignored by the local authority.
    We sincerely thank all the people who have contributed to the creation, education and the final publication of this… point of 18th story.

  • Administrative service: Poenta adventure (Balkan-Krajina-BL) BIH/RS/Banjaluka City 187 KARADJORDJEVA Str. Work day 10-14h
    www. poenta.org E.:poenta@teol.net SWIFT Code: RAZBBA22 NLB Razvojna Banka, IBAN: 544300-1151167 T.: +387 65 70 87 24

    Administrative service: KARADJORDJEVA no. 187, Banja Luka D.: F-I-60/03 ID: 4401681760007 NLB Bank: 562100-8000-617578