Point adventure in nature

Pa…CALL 2018 for cooperation

Sincerely we hope that you do not find this type of communication complicated, and we hope
that it will be the inspiration to collect more possible information at our site or any other contacts
with our Administrative department of organization.
Dear touristic enthusiasts and employees, we look forward to mutual understanding and
possibly support, thank you.

Poenta adventure

(Pa…) itself is a system that cooperates with natural resources of the region by active partnerships
with non-governmental, sport, commercial or any other legal entity or natural persons, therefore organizes realization of the mission:
Promoting tourism in Krajina, Regional Ecology and Gastronomy, Rural endurance and development of infrastructure.

Target partners and active cooperators of Krajina region:

Pa… list of target partners from the basic categorization of Court decisions for work, etc.


Pa… activities are focused on wild hills, forests, rivers, lakes, roads, clubs… cities and towns in RS:
Banjaluka, Prijedor, Ostra Luka, Kozarska Dubica, Novi Grad, Kostajnica, Gradiska, Laktasi, Celinac,
Kotor Varos, Teslic, Doboj, Knezevo, Mrkonjic Grad, Sipovo, Ribnik, Jezero, possibly Jajce and Drvar in FBIH.

Non-governmental and commercial organizations

Hunting and fishing association, Forests and Waters RS, Civil protection, AMS RS, TORS…
Local hospitals and police, firefighters and touristic organizations.
Telecommunication companies, insurances, security, banks, private clinics…

Sport clubs and associations

Rafting, discovery diving, canyoning, kayaking, canoeing and traditional boats.
Bike motocross and off road, bicycling, horse riding sports and traditional crafting.
Mountain-recreational, sports, extreme, cultural and many other associations.

Agricultural estates

Organic production of cereals, fruit, vegetables, industrial and aromatic plants.
Traditional breeding of the domestic big and small cattle, marten, fowl, fish and bees.
Cultivated wild fowl (pheasant, duks ) an other wild animals (roe deer, wild boars….)

Country households

Producing cured meat, milk and the other products from our own resources.
Collecting forest plants and sanative herbs, processing and stocking the products.
The service of the suite accommodation, picnics and trips, half boards, etc…

Natural person with existing contents or real ideas for the unique touristic activities etc…
please kindly contact us if you think that Pa… can be interesting for you.
We are looking forward to mutual understanding and possibly support…

Thank you, Pa…

Administrative department:

Poenta administration (Pa…) description of the basic operating daily activities:
-Public promoting and lobbing, audio-video production and printed publications…
-Touristic-agency and operating jobs with clients, cooperators and partners.
-Organization of transportation, supply and stocking materials, accountancy and archive.